What to Know Betting on Baseball

With the legalization of sports betting in Tennessee, Action 247 aims to provide the best betting options for Tennesseans. To help inform those in the Volunteer State of the betting options they may be unfamiliar with, we’ve put together this series to provide an introduction and overview of how to bet on specific sports.

Tennessee Sports Betting – Tennessee Teams

While Tennessee does not have any Major League Baseball teams, there are several minor league and collegiate teams around the state. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a cancellation of the 2020 minor league baseball season, but a return is anticipated for 2021.

The Jackson Generals are the Double-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. They’ve won four league titles, including three in the last four seasons (2016, 2018 and 2019).

In Triple-A baseball, the Nashville Sounds are the Texas Rangers’ affiliate. Winners of 10 division titles and three league championships, the Sounds are shaping up for a solid 2021 campaign.

They are fierce rivals with the Memphis Redbirds, with Memphis leading the all-time rivalry 927-902. However, Nashville leads the rivalry in Pacific Coast League play, 186-163.

Unfortunately, the Johnson City Cardinals folded as a result of the pandemic, as the league reorganized into a collegiate summer baseball league. However, there is hope a team will return to Johnson City in the near future.

The Vanderbilt Commodores also brought a championship to the Volunteer State in 2019, the school’s second NCAA title. Vanderbilt has made the NCAA tournament every year dating back to 2006.

Tennessee Baseball Betting – How to Bet

The most common type of bet for Tennessee baseball betting is called a “moneyline” bet. Using Tennessee baseball teams as an example, you may see oddsmakers post a betting line of Memphis Redbirds (+145) at Nashville Sounds (-162).

In this scenario, the Sounds are the favorites to win (the favorite will always have the “-” symbol in front of its odds, while the underdog will have a “+” symbol).

If you bet on the Sounds to win, you would need to bet $162 to win $100. However, if you were to bet on Memphis, betting $100 would get you $145 if the Redbirds won.

Another common baseball bet is on the run line. Using the Memphis-Nashville example again, oddsmakers may list Memphis Redbirds (+1.5) at Nashville Sounds (-1.5).

This means if you are betting on Memphis, you can still win money, as long as the Redbirds lost by one run or win the game outright. Similarly, if you bet on Nashville, the Sounds would need to beat Memphis by at least two runs for you to win your bet. Most run lines will be 1.5 runs.

To avoid a “push,” most sportsbooks will utilize the “half-run” when setting the betting spread. In a push, the final score exactly matches the spread, and refunds are issued to bettors. With a half-run included in the spread, pushes do not occur.

Betting the over/under is another popular betting option, where you don’t actually have to choose a winner. If the over/under (sometimes called the “total”) is 8.5 runs and you bet the over, the Sounds and Redbirds would need to combine to score at least nine runs for you to win.

This way, whether Nashville wins 5-4 or Memphis wins 9-0, you’re still a winner. Again, be on the lookout for the half-run effect when betting the over/under.

Tennessee Sports Betting – Where to Bet

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