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With the legalization of sports betting in Tennessee, Action 247 aims to provide the best betting options for Tennesseans. To help inform those in the Volunteer State of the betting options they may be unfamiliar with, we’ve put together this series to provide an introduction and overview of how to bet on specific sports.

Tennessee NFL Betting – Titan Up

The Tennessee Titans are the local NFL betting option, and they’re built to be quite competitive over the next few seasons. Head coach Mike Vrabel has resurrected quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s career.

Derrick Henry is one of the most punishing running backs in the league, making defenders look silly with slick moves and strong stiff arms. The defense is a well-rounded unit, regularly leading the league in turnover differential.

However, Tennessee NFL betting isn’t limited to the Titans. Because you can bet in-person or on your computer or mobile device on any NFL game you want, NFL betting in Tennessee has never been easier!

Tennessee NFL Betting – How to Bet

The most common type of NFL bet is called a “moneyline” bet. A moneyline bet simply requires picking a winner, with different payouts for how heavily a team is favored (or how big of an underdog they are).

For example, if the Titans were playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, the oddsmakers might list the game at “Jacksonville Jaguars (+250) at Tennessee Titans (-304).” In this example, you would need to bet $304 on Tennessee to gain $100 if the Titans win. Alternately, a $100 bet on the Jaguars would gain $250 if Jacksonville wins.

A “-“ sign will always appear next to the favorite to win, while a “+” sign will always appear next to the underdog.

Another way to bet is against the spread. For spread betting, the line may read “Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5) at Tennessee Titans (-7.5).”

When betting against the spread, a win may not be a win, and a loss may not be a loss. If you bet on the Titans at -7.5, the Titans need to win by at least eight points for your wager to win.

Conversely, if you bet on Jacksonville at +7.5 and Tennessee wins 24-21, your bet is a winner even though the Jaguars lost.

The idea is that the team you bet on gets an adjusted score based on how favored they are. Sportsbooks will adjust the spread based on the betting trends to minimize payouts.

If most bettors are taking the Titans at -7.5, the spread may move to -8.5 in an attempt to get more bets on the Jaguars. If most of the bettors are taking the Jaguars at +7.5, the spread may shrink to Jaguars +6.5. Keep an eye on the weekly spread change before placing your bet.

Another way to go is betting on the over/under or total. Here, you’re not picking an outright winner but instead betting on the total number of points the teams will score.

If the Jaguars-Titans over/under is set at 51.5, you must decide whether the two teams will combine for either 52 or more points or 51 or fewer points.

You may have noticed in the spread and over/under bets the use of a half-point in the betting line. Sportsbooks utilize half-points when setting lines to prevent a “push.” A push occurs when the teams exactly hit a point total or predicted spread, and the sportsbook has to refund bettors.

Tennessee Sports Betting – Where to Bet

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