Action 247 and Jerry "The King" Lawler ads

Action 247 goes to the mat with Jerry “The King” Lawler ads

Sportsbook BetMGM upset over Action 247 Jerry Lawler ads |Ringside News

BetMGM sportsbook company claims trademark infringement against Action 24/7 because of the two advertisements that Jerry Lawler tweeted. He posted two photos of himself wearing the king’s crown and his signature robe with the caption “Real King of Sportsbooks” and the Action 247 logo next to him.
BetMGM claims that this is misleading the people by creating a false association. Speaking about it, Action 247 spokeswoman Tina Hodges said, “People in Tennessee love Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and he just wanted to let them know that there is only one king in Tennessee. That’s him.” Take a quick look to find out what else Hodges said.

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