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History of the Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins fans owe a debt of gratitude to the Orange Bowl. How it didn’t allow professional football back in 1960. If it hadn’t been a college football only stadium back then. The Buffalo Bills would likely have been the Miami Bills. Or the Miami Seahawks, or some other Florida related nickname.

But the Orange Bowl was the only stadium in the area, and it said no to new AFL owner Ralph Wilson, so he went to Buffalo.

By 1965 the Orange Bowl was more flexible, and when a new AFL ownership group that included Joe Robbie and Danny Thomas approached them about a lease, they said yes. And in 1966 a brand new AFL franchise called the Miami Dolphins kicked off their history.

In the early years of the AFL the Dolphins were not good. They topped out at five wins in 1968, and were as bad as three wins in 1966 and 1969. But then the AFL-NFL merger happened, and suddenly the Dolphins were good.

Miami Dolphins 1970 – 1985

In the 16 years from 1970 through 1985, the Dolphins were in the playoffs 12 times. Also, they played in the Super Bowl five times, winning back-to-back championships in Super Bowl VII and Super VIII. That first championship team was the first and only NFL team to ever finish a season without losing.

With such a long run of success it’s no surprise that many of the best Hall of Famers in history played in Miami. 

Dan Marino changed the game, and he was throwing for 5,000 yards in a season long before it was the norm in the NFL. He is thought of as the best quarterback in NFL history to never win a Super Bowl.

Don Shula Head Couch of the Miami Dolphins:

  • Winningest coach in NFL history
  • Four-time NFL Coach of the Year
  • Two-time Super Bowl champion
  • 328 regular season wins
  • 347 total wins

NFL Big Changes from Last Season – Miami Dolphins

There are huge changes for the Dolphins in 2022. Some of them are great, like the addition of Tyreek Hill. Some of them are not, like the suspension of team owner Stephen Ross for tampering.

Last year’s head coach Brian Flores is gone, with his firing resulting in serious consequences. Flores accused ownership of trying to get him to tank. The investigation resulted in the outing of multiple attempts to tamper with Tom Brady and Sean Payton.

Brady was tampered with twice, first with the Patriots in 2019. Also, again with the Bucs in 2021. Payton’s agent was also contacted while he was still under contract with the Saints.

Miami Dolphins Penalized 

Miami’s owner is suspended for the first six weeks of the season, he has been fined. Also, the team has been stripped of two draft picks, including a first. Now they go about the business of putting that chapter in the rearview mirror. Moving forward Miami has a new head coach, and Tua Tagovailoa still at quarterback.

Tua can’t be thrilled that his team broke NFL rules in an attempt to replace him. He can, however, feel very good about the biggest and best addition of the offseason. Miami acquired former Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill. He is the most unique weapon in the NFL. Tua now has two great receivers in Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

The other big addition is new head coach Mike McDaniel, who comes to Miami after working under Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. It is believed by the remaining Miami brass that McDaniel will be able to unlock the potential of Tua. He should be able to turn the Dolphins into one of the highest scoring offenses in football.

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