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Announcing the best promotion ever for sports bettors this football season.  Sports handicapper JV  Miller is offering subscribers an incredible promotional gift just for signing up for his sports picks this season this is a gift that cannot be bought in stores subscribers will get to choose either a cd or digital download of JV Miller sings the hits of juice newton there’ll be no strings to bind your hands

That’s right JV Miller sings the hits of juice newton can be yours just for subscribing to professional gambler newsletter billboard magazine gives it one star and says we would give it zero stars if we could and I’m waiting on the 1205 hoping it’ll take me just a little farther down the line straight from the 1980s all the songs made popular by the award-nominated Juice Newton timeless crossover classics like queen of hearts.

The sports betting industry is raving Todd Dewey from the las Vegas review journal gives JV Miller sings the hits of Juice Newton one star and says awful terrible that’s 45 minutes I’m not getting back legendary bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro says what the F*** did I just listen to is this a joke tell JV Miller to go F*** himself

Sportsbook owner Tina Hodges of says painfully bad I’m embarrassed for JV it doesn’t even deserve one star but I had to click something in order for it to send don’t delay offer valid only while supplies last void where prohibited go to right now and click invest in our picks.

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