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NBA Changing Format of All Star Game to Flag Football

It appears the NBA has decided to switch up its All Star Game in hopes of getting fans to finally watch it. After watching this past Sunday’s game, which was widely regarded as one of the worst exhibitions of basketball ever seen, it became clear that something needed to change. So, what better way than to switch from basketball to flag football? 

The idea came from an offhand comment made by Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard. After winning the 3-Point Contest on Saturday night, Lillard remarked that the NBA should switch up the All Star Game and try something different. The league heard his suggestion and somewhere at their headquarters in New York City a lightbulb went off. Why not switch up the All Star Game and make it a flag football game? 

Game Plan

The plan is for twelve teams, each representing an NBA conference: Eastern Conference and Western Conference. Each team will have five players, two quarterbacks, two running backs and one wide receiver/defensive back (a hybrid role). This will give players more room to showcase their skills while also creating more opportunities for exciting plays. There would be no kickoffs or punting; instead, teams would start with possession of the ball on their own 5-yard line after every score. 

The rules would be similar to regular NFL rules with minor adjustments for safety reasons — no tackling or contact between players allowed (just like flag football). There would be a few other innovations such as an accelerated play clock (30 seconds). There would be special scoring bonuses such as two points awarded for passing touchdowns over 50 yards. And, if a team forces a turnover they will have the option of trading possessions with their opponents in order to receive better field position. NBA Logo

More Viewers to Come

The NBA is confident that this new take on the All Star Game will attract more viewers and make it more fun for both players and fans alike. Not only that but there are talks that ESPN and other networks may even broadcast it live so everyone can enjoy all the action. 

Many current NBA stars have spoken out about how much they love the idea; some have even suggested they might even participate themselves! It remains to be seen if they follow through with this plan but either way fans can look forward to an exciting experience when these stars trade in their basketballs for footballs next year.  Here’s hoping for a fun and memorable All Star Game!  Let the flag football battle commence!  Yeehaw!


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