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NFL Week 10 Recap Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins

Thursday Night Football Dolphins Triumph vs Ravens 

The tenth week of the NFL season is in the books, and things slightly returned to normalcy this week. In week nine, seven of 12 underdogs prevailed on Sunday, which was unprecedented. It was a reminder for bettors that anything can happen in the NFL. It also showed that there is not a lot of good teams in the NFL this year.

There were a few surprises this week, but things occurred as expected. This was music to bettors’ ears after Vegas made out big in week nine. Before we move on to week 11, let’s recap week ten!

Week Nine Again?  Week 10 Feels like Groundhog’s Day in the NFL

Week nine was when underdogs shined, and it appeared like this trend was going to carry into week ten. The Miami Dolphins, an 8.5 point dog to the Baltimore Ravens, dominated the Thursday Night matchup with a 12 point victory.

The bets were heavy on the Ravens, even though late money came in on the Dolphins. Lamar Jackson was horrendous, and the Dolphins game plan was sensational. Tua Tagovailoa came in during the second half and maintained a lead. However, Miami would not have won without a great defensive performance.

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