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Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets Predictions

NBA Look Ahead; Thursday, January 13, 2022; 9:00 pm CT

We’ve got another fun week of NBA action up ahead featuring some of the best teams in the NBA. We’re nearing the All-Star weekend, which means the standings will start to tighten up.

Considering we’re at the mid-way point of the season, winning games is crucial. For some of these teams, a loss could mean losing a spot in the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the schedule.

In the post we will look at Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets.

Portland Trail Blazers Travel to Denver to Face the Nuggets

The next matchup we’ll cover is the Portland Trail Blazers at the Denver Nuggets Portland has had a tough season this year and is currently 14-24.

They’ll need a lot of help from their bench players since they’re missing two of their best starters. Damian Lillard is still dealing with an abdominal injury, and C.J. McCollum is out indefinitely with a lung injury.

With two of their best players out, the odds won’t be in the Trail Blazers’ favor. The Denver Nuggets currently have a 19-18 record. However, they haven’t been very good against the spread this year.

They’re 16-21 ATS and are dealing with a few injuries themselves. Still, being able to rely on Nikola Jokic should get the Nuggets a win here.

Upcoming Matches

Date Visiting Team Home Team Game Time
1/14/2022 Orlando Magic Charlotte Hornets 7:00 PM
1/14/2022 Toronto Raptors Detroit Pistons 7:00 PM
1/14/2022 Phoenix Suns Indiana Pacers 7:00 PM
1/14/2022 Boston Celtics Philadelphia 76ers 7:30 PM
1/14/2022 Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat 8:00 PM
1/14/2022 Golden State Warriors Chicago Bulls 8:00 PM
1/14/2022 Cleveland Cavaliers San Antonio Spurs 8:30 PM
1/14/2022 Dallas Mavericks Memphis Grizzlies 10:00 PM
1/14/2022 Houston Rockets Sacramento Kings 10:00 PM
1/15/2022 Toronto Raptors Milwaukee Bucks 6:00 PM
1/15/2022 Portland Trail Blazers Washington Wizards 7:00 PM
1/15/2022 New York Knicks Atlanta Hawks 7:30 PM
1/15/2022 New Orleans Pelicans Brooklyn Nets 7:30 PM
1/15/2022 Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat 8:00 PM
1/15/2022 Cleveland Cavaliers Oklahoma City Thunder 8:00 PM
1/15/2022 Chicago Bulls Boston Celtics 8:30 PM
1/15/2022 LA Clippers San Antonio Spurs 8:30 PM
1/15/2022 Los Angeles Lakers Denver Nuggets 9:00 PM
1/15/2022 Orlando Magic Dallas Mavericks 9:30 PM

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