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Week 11 Recap: Titans vs. Packers & Eagles vs. Colts

NFL Week 11 Recap

The eleventh week of the NFL was full of action, along with a few upsets. Certain games that were considered “locks” ended up falling through the cracks, while others went according to plan.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite games of the week during this NFL Week 11 recap.

Tennessee Titans vs. Green Bay Packers – 27-17 (Titans)

The Tennessee Titans had a goal in mind when they took the field on Thursday. They wanted to prove, once again, that they belong in the contender conversation.

They did that by earning a 27-17 win over the Green Bay Packers. They increased their record to 7-3, and Ryan Tannehill had a great game. He passed for 333 yards with two touchdowns with a single interception.

The day didn’t go so well for the Green Bay Packers, who fell to 4-7. Their playoff hopes are beginning to dissipate with every loss. Aaron Rodgers didn’t have a bad game either, passing for 227 yards and two touchdowns.

Their defense, however, couldn’t stop the Titans from driving downfield. In total, the Packers’ defense allowed 408 yards in the loss on Thursday.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts – 17-16 (Eagles)week 11 eagles vs colts nfl football betting

The Philadelphia Eagles had a slightly tougher time than we expected they would. Beating the Colts 17-16, courtesy of a late-game rushing touchdown by Jalen Hurts.

They turned the ball over twice, but it definitely proved something. It proved that even if the game isn’t going their way, they can find a way to win. 

The Indianapolis Colts have a record now of 4-6-1 and are 2-3 at home. They did their best to take down the Eagles, but they couldn’t finish.

With the season winding down, this team doesn’t have much time to get it together. The good news is they held their own against one of the best teams in the league.

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