World Wide Technology Raceway

What to Know About the World Wide Technology Raceway

Motorsports have always been a magnet for speed enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. It provides an electrifying experience that combines skillful driving, and powerful engines. Among the world’s top racing venues, the World Wide Technology Raceway (WWTR) stands out as a  destination for motorsports enthusiasts. It hosts a variety of events that captivate fans from around the globe. Located in Madison, Illinois, this state-of-the-art facility has established itself as a symbol of excellence in racing.

World Wide Technology Raceway History

Originally known as Gateway International Raceway, the World Wide Technology Raceway was inaugurated in 1997 and has since become a revered name in motorsports. With its strategic location in the Greater St. Louis area, the track has proven to be a magnet for racing fans from Illinois, Missouri, and beyond.

World Wide Technology Raceway Facilities

The WWTR boasts an impressive array of facilities designed to enhance the racing experience for both participants and spectators. The main attraction is the 1.25-mile oval track, which features multiple racing lines. In addition to the oval track, the facility also includes a 1.6-mile infield road course.

Exciting Racing Events

The World Wide Technology Raceway has gained recognition for hosting a wide range of exhilarating racing events, catering to various motorsports disciplines. One of the highlights is the annual NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race. The sight of these powerful trucks racing side-by-side at high speeds creates an atmosphere of intense excitement.

The Raceway is also renowned for its drag racing events, with its quarter-mile drag strip. The iconic NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Midwest Nationals is a marquee event that showcases the world’s fastest and most powerful dragsters.

Beyond NASCAR and drag racing, the World Wide Technology Raceway is home to a myriad of other motorsports events. From motorcycle racing to karting, the Raceway’s calendar is packed with action-packed events.

Community Engagement

The World Wide Technology Raceway is not just a venue for racing enthusiasts. It also actively engages with the local community.  The Raceway’s management understands the importance of fostering a passion for motorsports among the younger generation. To that end, they organize youth outreach programs. They also offer opportunities for young individuals to learn about racing, mechanics, and engineering.

The World Wide Technology Raceway has rightfully earned its place as a world-class motorsports destination. Its impressive facilities and commitment to community engagement make it a remarkable institution in the world of motorsports. So, gear up, and get ready to witness the world’s most exhilarating races at the World Wide Technology Raceway!

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