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With the legalization of sports betting in Tennessee, Action 24/7 aims to provide the best betting options for Tennesseans. To help inform those in the Volunteer State of the betting options they may be unfamiliar with, we’ve put together this series to provide an introduction and overview of how to bet on specific sports.

Tennessee College Football Betting – A Look at the Locals

Tennessee is home to 10 NCAA Division I Programs, four of which compete in the FBS and six in the FCS (formerly Division I-AA). Those 10 schools are:

Austin Peay (FCS)

Chattanooga (FCS)

East Tennessee State (FCS)

Memphis (FBS)

Middle Tennessee State (FBS)

Tennessee State (FCS)

Tennessee Tech (FCS)

University of Tennessee (FBS)

UT Martin (FCS)

Vanderbilt (FBS)

In addition to the teams, there are two Bowl Games played in Tennessee annually. The Music City Bowl gets played in Nashville, while the Liberty Bowl is in Memphis. Both feature one team from the Big Ten Conference and one from the SEC.

Tennessee College Football Betting – How to Bet

Most commonly, bettors will choose to bet on the “moneyline.” Moneyline bets are the most straightforward betting option. All you have to do is pick a winner, with different payouts for how heavily a team is favored or how much of an underdog they are.

An example of a moneyline bet could be “Memphis Tigers (+145) at Tennessee Volunteers (-210).” In this case, Tennessee is the favorite, as denoted by the “-“ symbol, and Memphis is the underdog, denoted by the “+” sign.

If you bet on Tennessee and it wins, you would need to bet $210 to win $100. If you bet on Memphis and it pulls the upset, betting $100 would scoop a $145 payout.

Another type of bet is betting against the spread. This type of bet involves picking how close the final score will be, in addition to picking a winner. As an example, a betting spread could be “Vanderbilt (-8.5) at Middle Tennessee State (+8.5).”

Here, for a bet on Vanderbilt to win, the Commodores would need to win by at least nine points, while a bet on Middle Tennessee State would pay out either if the Blue Raiders win or lose by fewer than eight points.

When betting the spread, sportsbooks will choose a point differential for the margin of victory that gets half of the bets on one team and the other half on the other team. Point spreads are known to shift throughout the days, hours, and minutes leading up to a game. Do your homework studying the teams and the trends before placing your bet.

Sportsbooks tend to use “half-points” when setting spreads to avoid what is called a “push.” Pushes occur when a team wins by the exact spread, and when a push happens, sportsbooks refund bettors who chose that spread. Adding half-points to the spread avoids that scenario.

Finally, if you don’t want to pick an outright winner, you can choose to bet on the point total for the game, often called the “over/under.” Like with the spread, sportsbooks try to set a combined score for the two teams to hit, with half of the bettors taking over the total and half taking the under.

Who wins the game isn’t important as how many points are scored is the only thing that matters here. So if you don’t feel comfortable picking a winner, this is a safer option, provided you’ve done your research.

Tennessee College Football Betting – Where to Bet

After receiving our Sports Gaming Operator License, Action 24/7 has transformed into your go-to spot for Tennessee sports betting. Offering live money sports betting and free-to-play options, Action 24/7 is locally owned and operated, based in Nashville, and ready to serve you!

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