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With the legalization of sports betting in Tennessee, Action 247 aims to provide the best betting options for Tennesseans. To help inform those in the Volunteer State of the betting options they may be unfamiliar with, we’ve put together this series to provide an introduction and overview of how to bet on specific sports.

Tennessee Sports Betting – Football Betting Overview

The two main types of football betting are wagers made on college football and NFL football. While there are other options, such as the Canadian Football League (CFL) and international leagues, college and NFL football dominate the betting opportunity market.

In Tennessee, there are nine NCAA Division I football programs: Austin Peay, East Tennessee State, University of Memphis, Middle Tennessee State, University of Tennessee, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, University of Tennessee Martin, Tennessee Tech, and Vanderbilt.

The NFL’s Tennessee Titans play in Nashville.

Tennessee Sports Betting – How to Bet on Football

The easiest type of sports betting involves picking the winner of the game on the moneyline. Moneyline bets may seem confusing at first appearance, but they are straightforward in practice.

For example, let’s say the Titans are playing the Cincinnati Bengals. The game odds may read “Tennessee Titans (-300) at Cincinnati Bengals (+250).”

In this case, the Titans are heavily favored. Whenever a team has a “-“ symbol next to its betting odds, it is the team expected to win. If you bet on the Titans to win this game, you would need to bet $300 to win $100.

However, if you wanted to pick the underdog Bengals to win, betting $100 would pay out $250 if Cincinnati came away with the upset.

Another popular method of football betting is betting against the spread. Let’s use a college example this time, with Tennessee at Vanderbilt.

The spread for this game may read “Tennessee Volunteers (-14.5) at Vanderbilt Commodores.” Once again, the “-“ symbol denotes Tennessee as the favorite, this time by 14.5 points.

If you bet on the Volunteers at (-14.5), you will win your bet if Tennessee wins by 15 or more points. Conversely, betting on Vanderbilt means you think that whatever total number of points the Commodores score, if you add 14.5, Vanderbilt’s score will be higher than Tennessee’s.

Most sportsbooks will include the “half-point” to prevent a push, where the win is exactly by the spread. If Tennessee was favored by 14 points and won 35-21, the sportsbook would issue a refund to bettors.

However, if the spread was 14.5, and Tennessee won 35-21, those who bet on Vanderbilt would win their bet by a “half-point.” Keep an eye out for half-points when placing your wagers.

Another way to bet is on the over/under point total. This total is an estimation of the combined point total between the two teams. If the over/under (sometimes shortened to “O/U”) is listed at 62 points, bettors must decide whether the teams will combine to score over or under 62 points.

The advantage of over/under betting is that you don’t have to pick a winner. If you took the over (62), you would still get a payout whether Vanderbilt wins 35-34 or Tennessee wins 63-0. Once again, be on the lookout for the “half-point,” which could come into play.

If none of these betting styles interest you, or if you’re just looking for a different way to play, you may be interested in “prop bets.” Prop bets can include but are not limited to in-game events such as whether or not a safety occurs, the time of the first score, the type of score that occurs first, how many receiving yards a player gets, or whether or not the game goes to overtime.

Most bettors put a larger amount on a moneyline, spread, or over/under bet, then place a smaller wager on a prop bet just for fun.

Tennessee Sports Betting – Where to Bet

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