What to Know

With the legalization of sports betting in Tennessee, Action 24/7 aims to provide the best betting options for Tennesseans. To help inform those in the Volunteer State of the betting options they may be unfamiliar with, we’ve put together this series to provide an introduction and overview of how to bet on specific sports.

Tennessee NASCAR Betting – Local Look

Tennessee has a special place in the hearts of NASCAR fans. The state is home to the iconic Bristol Motor Speedway, which hosts NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and Truck Series events. 

Bristol is a fan-favorite course as one of the loudest and most visitor-friendly tracks, featuring stadium-style seating with great sightlines and dual pit rows for an extra look at the action. “Thunder Valley” also has a high slope, which often leads to thrilling final laps and, occasionally, massive wrecks. The course runs just over a half-mile in length.

On the other side of the state, Nashville Superspeedway also hosts Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and Truck Series events as well as IndyCar events. A tri-oval course with just short of three times the lap length of Bristol, Nashville Superspeedway doesn’t have the storied tradition of Bristol but is scheduled to hold its first NASCAR Cup race event in June of 2021.

Tennessee NASCAR Betting – How to Bet

There are several different types of NASCAR bets you should know about, each with their own unique characteristics. Because NASCAR tracks vary in length, slope, number of laps, number of turns, and more, it is very important you study the track specifics before placing your bets.

Some drivers are excellent short-track specialists, while others thrive on standard oval tracks. Pairing your knowledge of the drivers’ performance, course specifics, and pit crew locations will give you a significant betting advantage before you even arrive at the course.

One type of bet is to pick a winner straight-up. Odds will vary depending on the drivers’ recent performance, qualifying times, past track history, and more. Because you’re picking just one winner in this event, the odds of winning are smaller, and the payouts tend to be larger.

Another type of bet involved predicting whether or not a driver will finish in the top five or top 10. In those examples, the odds of winning are more in favor of the bettor, so the payouts are not as high.

Alternatively, you can wager on the head-to-head results of two drivers. Here, you would bet on which driver finishes higher in the race, regardless of whether they finish first or 41st.

Most importantly, wherever and whenever you place your bets, keep an eye on your bankroll and gamble responsibly.

Tennessee NASCAR Betting – Where to Bet

After receiving our Sports Gaming Operator License, Action 24/7 has transformed into your go-to spot for Tennessee sports betting. Offering live money sports betting and free-to-play options, Action 24/7 is locally owned and operated, based in Nashville, and ready to serve you!

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