Grizzlies Little Red Riding Hood

Grizzlies Little Red Riding Hood Trip to NBA Championship

Once upon a time, Steven Adams, Jaren Jackson Jr., Dillon Brooks, Desmond Bane, and Ja Morant were on their way to the NBA championship. They had all gone through so much and put in so much hard work that they wanted nothing more than to make it to the championship. So off they went, determined to make it to the big game.

As they traveled along their journey, they encountered many obstacles. The first one was a large river that looked impossible to cross. Just then, Steven Adams stepped forward with his strength and determination and leaped over the river like a kiwi bird! His friends cheered him on as he made it safely across leaving everyone else amazed at his athletic ability. 

The Five Enter a Dense Forest

The next obstacle was a dense forest with towering trees and wild animals. Jaren Jackson Jr., with his agility and quickness like that of a deer, effortlessly jumped over branches. He avoided dangerous predators while managing to keep up with the group. He even found a shortcut for them which eventually led them out of the forest in no time! 

The group soon reached another obstacle- this one an immense mountain blocking their path. Everyone was afraid until Dillon Brooks piped up with confidence saying he could scale it without any problem. He had been trained for such extreme conditions during his basketball training in Oregon. Sure enough, he scaled the mountain quickly thanks to his physical conditioning and basketball training background proving himself as an invaluable member of the team! memphis grizzles nba

Continuing down their journey, Desmond Bane reminded them that they still had yet another obstacle to overcome- this one being a treacherous desert stretching miles wide. Not wanting anyone from the team to get lost or suffer from heat stroke in such harsh conditions, Ja Morant made use of his incredible reflexes and ball-handling ability. He weaved around sand dunes faster than ever before leading everyone right across the desert! 

Finally making it out of this unsafe terrain Steven Adams said, “Well done everyone! We have come far enough now that we can finally see our destination ahead!” And sure enough, when they looked up and they could see it- The NBA Championship! They all cheered in excitement knowing that after everything they had gone through and they were going to make it! 

They Finally Make It

With newfound energy, Steven Adams grabbed hold of Jaren Jackson Jr.’s hand held tightly onto Dillon Brooks’ arm who linked himself with Desmond Bane’s elbow which connected firmly with Ja Morant’s waist thus forming an unbreakable bond between these five heroes as they marched towards their destiny together!

And that is the story of how these five brave individuals overcame all odds to reach their goal. So remember, if you have a dream and you put your heart into it, nothing can stop you from achieving it! Good luck! 

The moral of this story? NBA players make great team leaders! The Memphis Grizzlies are one lucky organization for having such an incredible group of athletes with so much determination on their roster. Go Grizz!

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