Bad beat of the week comes from Thursday Night Football: Giants ML

Bad Beat of the week


Our bad beat of the week comes from Thursday Night Football this week: Giants ML (+145). Before I break down the ending, let me just say, this game was way better than it had business being. Going into it, I was just hoping for an entertaining first half, at least. But I got way more than I bargained for. Especially in the final three minutes. If you somehow haven’t seen how this game ended, let me break it down for you. 

Washington QB Taylor Heinicke, who played a great game, threw an interception deep in his own territory with three minutes to go and his team only up by one. You’d think that would seal it, right? Well thanks to some–I’ll be nice and say questionable–play calls from Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett, the Giants go three and out and settle for a field goal. Only taking 16 seconds off the clock and still leaving the door for Washington to win wide open. 

The Football Team gets the ball back with two minutes left and proceeds to march down the field to the New York 30 yard line and call a timeout with five seconds left. Out comes kicker Tres Way for a 48 yard attempt. He had already knocked two field goals through the uprights in the second half – one from 37, the other from 49. but this 48-yarder is still no chip shot. He lines up, kicks it, and the ball fades just to the right of the upright. He missed it, game over, Giants ML bettors rejoice. Not so fast. 

A flag comes in after the play. Offsides, defense number 97. Five yard penalty and Way gets another chance from 43 yards. He lines up, kicks it, and just when it looked like it was going to the right again, it sneaks back in between the uprights. No flags. Ball game. Heartbreak for Giants bettors. There are few more depressing ways to lose a bet, and my deepest condolences to all those who had it. 

Now it would be easy to put all the blame on number 97, Dexter Lawrence, and he definitely deserves a big chunk of it. But the three-and-out after the interception is what killed the Giants. Instead of trying to actually score and take the lead, Garrett called plays like they were already up by a touchdown and tried to kill the clock. Another reason why I am shocked Jason Garrett still has a job in professional football. 

Again, I feel genuinely bad for everyone who bet the Giants ML. Sometimes the gambling gods are just downright cruel.