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NBA Team Preview: Sacramento Kings

Team Intro 

Sacramento Kings and its fans have been experiencing massive frustrations over the recent ten years. As their playoff drought extends, that feeling of despair is getting stronger and stronger, and many are simply becoming numb when it comes to their favorites and expectations from them. 

The current roster of the Kings has tremendous potential, but we already saw that in the past, and there was no result. Will that change in the 2021/22 season? We aren’t that sure, but who knows, we just might witness a surprise. Though, the NBA betting lines don’t think so.

Nothing Special During Offseason

Davion Mitchell, the guard from Baylor, is the biggest name that landed this summer at Golden One Center. He is a very good defensive player, who has enough energy and aggressiveness to replace De’Aaron Fox. His ceiling isn’t that high, but Mitchell has the quality to become a reliable NBA stud. To be honest, we think that they could do better than him in this year’s draft. By the way, Mitchell was the ninth selection.

Tristan Thompson landed in California via trade. He isn’t going to be a starter, and like always, this guy will be nothing more than raw muscles in the paint, able to protect the rim against some of the rivals and control the glass on both ends. Still, we aren’t that sure if he has the ability to follow Kings’ pace on the floor. 

Since the offseason is not over yet, there are chances to see more arrivals in Sacramento. Lately, there have been some rumors that Ben Simmons could end up here. At least the latest NBA betting odds have suggested so. 

Fox Leads the Way, Haliburton Follows

De’Aaron Fox is one of the rising stars in the NBA and the player who might become an All-NBA at some point. But he can’t do everything by himself. He is extremely good on both ends, but in all the chase, the 23-year old gets lost often.

It is a pity that the Kings aren’t using him properly because, in our opinion, he can be Russell Westbrook, but with more touch for teamwork. But only if he has a proper environment and a mentor who is going to guide him.

Tyrese Haliburton is the man who could make the difference this season. This youngster was one of the best rookies in his class, and his smooth game attracted the interest of a much wider population than expected. He can do practically everything on the court, and we believe that this could be his breakout year when he becomes one of the top 100 players in the league.

Harrison Barnes is already there. A 10-year veteran is a versatile asset on the floor, able to hit from a long distance or from inside the paint. He and Marvin Bagley III should bring points near the basket. Richaun Holmes’ role will be, as usual, to control the situation under the rim. 

Overall, Sacramento is one very fast and light team with massive energy, but not used properly. If Luke Walton doesn’t find the right formula, he could be out pretty soon.

Buddy Hield Enigma

The Kings made the wrong decision by picking up Buddy Hield over Bogdan Bogdanovic because Hield’s productivity dropped significantly. He is no longer a regular starter but more of an occasional one. 

His shooting percentages are down, his numbers overall are down, and apparently, he doesn’t seem motivated enough to play.

The Kings will have to decide whether to trade him or not.

Online Sports Betting: Sacramento Kings – Offers

Total Wins: 35.5
To Reach the Playoffs: +450
To win the East: +10000
To win the NBA Title: +25000

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