Starting Five Memphis Grizzlies Venture to Oz

Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire and was written by Robots.

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Oz, Steven Adams, Jaren Jackson Jr., Dillon Brooks, Desmond Bane and Ja Morant were walking through the enchanted forest. As they walked along the path, they noticed a mysterious yellow brick road that seemed to stretch on forever. The Grizzlies’ five adventurers decided to follow the winding road and see where it led them. 

They soon arrived at an old castle with a wooden gate in front of it. After pushing open the gate, they saw an elderly wizard seated on a throne in the middle of his chamber. The wizard welcomed them to his home warmly and said he had been expecting their arrival for some time now. 

The wizard then explained that he needed their help to save Oz from an evil witch who was terrorizing the kingdom. He asked each of them to search for one of three special items before sunset. Steven Adams was asked to find a golden key. Jaren Jackson Jr. was asked to find a pair of ruby slippers. Dillon Brooks was asked to find a magical wand. Desmond Bane was asked to find a bottle of elixir, and Ja Morant was asked to find an emerald crown. 

The Five Begin the Journey

The five friends knew this would be no easy task but they were determined to help the wizard. They set off into the unknown lands of Oz in search of the items they needed. Along their journey they encountered many strange creatures such as flying monkeys and talking trees as well as all sorts of other magical beings.

They also encountered breathtaking sights such as rainbow forests filled with singing birds and glittering crystal caves full of precious gems which shone brightly in the darkness. memphis grizzles nba

At last, after travelling far and wide across Oz, our heroes gathered all five items just in time for sunset! When they brought these treasures back to the wizard’s castle he gave them each a thank-you hug before transforming them back into human form using his powerful magic spells!

The Five are Rewarded

As a reward for helping him save Oz from evil forces, he bestowed gifts upon them. Steven Adams received an invisibility cloak that allowed him to become invisible whenever necessary. Jaren Jackson Jr received winged boots so that he could fly over any obstacle. Dillon Brooks received unlimited knowledge so that he could answer any question. Desmond Bane received eternal youth so that he would never age. Ja Morant received infinite wisdom so that he could always make wise decisions!  

With their newfound magical powers our heroes returned home safe and sound knowing they had done a good deed! Henceforth they lived happily ever after while working together as guardians protecting Oz from all kinds of harm!

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