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MLB National League West San Francisco Giants 2022

At 107-55, not only did the San Francisco Giants have the best record in the National League West, but they had the best record in all of baseball.

Unfortunately for Giants’ fans, they were knocked out of the playoffs in the NLDS by their longtime rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Despite their success in 2021, they are not quite expected to repeat their performance in 2022. They currently have just the 13th-best odds of winning the World Series next year.

While the Giants have a solid core, they have lost some important pieces. Buster Posey retired, Kevin Gausman is now a Toronto Blue Jay, and Kris Bryant remains a free agent.

Prior to the MLB lockout, the Giants did make some moves. They re-signed first baseman Brandon Belt and pitchers Alex Wood and Anthony DeSclafani. They also signed pitcher Alex Cobb.

If the Giants intend to compete with the Dodgers and Padres, don’t be surprised if they are active in both the free-agent and trade market prior to the 2022 season.

It was an amazing ride for Giants’ fans in 2021. While the endgame was not what many had hoped for, the Giants surpassed all expectations heading into the season.

In 2022, the question is whether they can rise above their expectations again or will they regress back to mediocrity. For San Francisco fans, they hope it is the former.

MLB National League West San Francisco Giants History

The Giants are one of the oldest and most successful franchises in MLB history, but their history has not always found them in California.

In fact, the Giants have only been in San Francisco since 1958. For 75 years prior to that, starting in 1883, the Giants were found in New York.

The organization started in 1883 as the New York Gothams. As such, they were the first MLB team to play in New York. In 1885, the team changed its name to the New York Giants.

Fast forward to 1958, and the team jumped coasts and relocated to San Francisco, which is where they have been ever since.

Interestingly, at this same time, the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. As a result, the Giants-Dodgers rivalry is one of the oldest in baseball.

Since 1969, when MLB introduced divisions to each league, the Giants have always played in the National League West.

The Giants’ organization has played in nine different ballparks throughout their history. The most iconic park may have been the Polo Grounds, which they played in a couple of different versions of throughout the years.

When they moved to San Francisco, they played for two years in Seals Stadium. From 1960 to 1999, the team played its home games at Candlestick Park. Finally, in 2000, the team moved into its current home, Oracle Park.

Since 1883, the franchise has put together a winning record, going back to their earliest season. They are a combined 11,301 – 9,773, good for a .536 winning percentage. Their 11,301 wins are the most of any franchise in any major American sports.

mlb nl west san francisco giants baseball
Baltimore, Maryland, USA – June 06, 2013: Oriole Park at Camden Yards Exterior.

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